Physical Weakness is a Status Signal

“Physical strength is the most important thing in life. This is true whether we want it to be or not” -Mark Rippetoe, Starting Strength

Can a man remain a man if he is physically weak? We’re not talking mental, spiritual or intellectual strength, but quite simply the ability to engage physically with the world by bearing heavy loads.

I have justified my own past weakness due to scheduling (I work for 1 week on, 5 days off), nature of work (in the woods, away from any gym), and lack of funds to provide self with enough food to even gain weight.  Honestly, they do make things hard (especially the food!), but ultimately, I tried to rationalize my skinny arms and narrow shoulders as those of an intellectual. I’m smart, see. I read books, see. My mind is my greatest weapon! I don’t need physical strength when I can out-think, out-rationalize and out-factoid someone. Right?


If men don’t respect you as a physical force, they will not respect you at all.

Thanks to writers like Jack Donovan and figures like Justin Garcia (Master Chim), I feel rightfully ashamed and dishonored to hold myself and speak of masculinity in my community yet myself not embody physically those very ideals.  What’s the point of all the Nietzsche, the Evola, or the Paeans of Sparta if you cannot pick up heavy shit and put it back down again? Is the 250lb meat-head who has never read a book in his life more masculine than someone who speaks and thinks of masculinity? I’d say so.