Right Wing Counter-Culture

Stepping out of the murky trenches of the ongoing culture war and viewing the West from the lofty perch of, say, an observation balloon, one starts to get an appreciation for the larger concepts at hand.  Beyond the barrages of memetic artillery, of the clashes between shills and weaponized autist stormtroopers, one comes to a startling realization; Conservatism, or more specifically, the Right, and auxiliary Right-leaning viewpoints, is a legitimate counter-culture.  In the real world, it is a socially dangerous thing to say that there are only 2 genders.  Stating your apprehensions about both Islamic immigration and terrorism could get you arrested.  Noting that the “Martyrs” of BLM were dangerous thugs and not delicate angels on their way home from Church could get you ostracized, or worse.

When we think of counter-culture, we typically think the Counter-Culture, ie. the mass student protests of the late 60’s against what was, at that time, “The Establishment”.  Like most Americans, we’ve been educated to see these protests as an inevitable result of deep injustice and oppression.  That view is not entirely wrong.  The Vietnam War was a tragic quagmire and government enforced segregation was a real issue that was directly targeted against the black community in an overt form of racism.  Speaking up about those issue certainly took a form of courage that I respect, and I for one am glad our ancestors put in the work, faced “The Man” and overcame what most of us can agree were real issues.  Unfortunately, these legitimate struggles against government overreach, racial injustice and needless war during the heat of the Cold War led to a wider rejection of the fundamental values of American society by the socialist, feminist and pot-smoking triple entante formed on college campuses nationwide.  Leftists who protested against government overreach have today become the primary instigators of intellectual oppression, censorship and the general malaise that has begun to truly plagued our country.

Fair enough

The U.S. was not alone in this surge of juvenile pinko protest; France and Quebec are notable examples of large-scale youth-born dissent of the dominant values at the time.  In Quebec, the FLQ engaged in terror operations for a sovereign, socialist Quebec free from “Anglo-Saxon Imperialism”.  Their campaign was part of a wider rejection of the “White Anglo Saxon Protestant”, which is unsurprising in a Franko-Catholic province under the yoke of the Commonwealth.   Not surprisingly, Socialist France is one of the most Orwellian countries in Europe today thanks to its ardent secularism, “hate speech” laws and growing crime and terrorism.
The U.S. however, was unique in that it was the WASP youth themselves who rejected en-masse the values of their parents, embracing instead a socialist radical egalitarianism informed at least partly by the academic influence of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory.   This ideology, fresh from the minds of German-Jews (Ashkenazi) who survived WW2, rejected hierarchy, racial, sexual or national identity, saw the family, sexual mores and Christianity as corrupt institutions, framed success as the product of privilege, framed failure of poverty as the product of oppression and ultimately saw capitalism as inherently corrupt and unjust.  Does any of this sound familiar?

What’s Aleppo?

This rejection of American values in favor of radical egalitarianism and feminism did not extend to common, red-blooded, blue-collar Americans who stand up for the pledge and play catch with their sons.  This was quite literally Marxist indoctrination from professors to their students )(something I personally experienced in University as well) fomenting rage and hostility to the very society that allowed them the wealth, security and freedom of one of the most prosperous nations in history.  These students who rejected traditional family values, embraced homosexuality, promiscouity and socialism were, despite being baby boomers, demographically a drop in the bucket compared to society at large.  This small, radical cohort, however, started a culture war that has not ceased to this day.  This cohort eventually grew up, leaving some, but not all of their agenda behind.  As they left their picketing, activism and giving their parents headaches behind, they started to inhabit influential posts in society; writers, teachers, directors and civil servants.

What they lacked in numbers, they had in influence, as of now holding the mantle of the dominant ideology of both the State and its 4th column media apparatus at this time, ya know, the current year.  The Right didn’t go down without a fight, to be sure, but ultimately the only political party for the American conservative was the same to out-source, undermine and destroy the American worker at every chance… But I digress.  The early battles of the Culture Wars were exciting and televised.  William F. Buckley called Gore Vidal a queer on television in the same era that entire cohorts of homosexuals, newly “liberated” from admittedly “unfair” anti-sodomy laws, died from HIV.  Neo-Cons engaged in imperialist invasions while entire American cities were left in squalor, drug addiction and violence in the “War on Drugs”.  Feminists not only forced most women into the workforce, but in doing so helped score the first decisive battle against the nuclear family and its . Manufacturing and energy jobs, the mainstay of the hard-hat wearing American Man of every race, were off-shored by hand-clasping merchants of the “Conservative” variety.

After a few notable conservative resurgences (ie. The odious NeoCons and their wasteful wars) The overton window has been shifted far, far to the left.  Politically Incorrect is a term used so often as to have almost lost its meaning, but when we refrain from speaking up at work, in public or at school for fear of being fired, ostracized or physically attacked we instinctively understand its consequences.   Our very understanding of reality has to shift to meet with the leftist narrative or else be engaging in thought-crime.  This is not far from what the original leftists dealt with when they questioned the system at hand.  There was a time when it was certainly “politically incorrect” to question segregation at the dinner table, or at work.  The dominant ideology, or memeplex, seems to act as a living organism, attacking burgeoning memes that could undermine its own ability to reproduce.  Demonstrators were shot. They were beaten. Some rightfully so, but the point remains: Regardless of who is in power memetic self-preservation is the primary need.

The most ironic of this shift in power is the Left continues to see itself as a counter-cultural fighter.  To see itself as currently embroiled in a conflict with the Right, at any moment its guard could come down and before long Mexicans will be marched into death camps where Arbeit Macht Frei, homosexuals are castrated and women are physically chained to the kitchen.  Portraying yourself as the underdog even as you hold the whip is a powerful tactic.  It gives you the power to control the moral high-ground while doing everything in your power to further your own ends.  The mere existence of say, Fox News, gives the appearance that the Right is right here, right now, trying to break up your union, sell your children to a factory and send poor black kids to the next war.  This controlled opposition is the ultimate deception.  The Left uses the political machinery of the Old Rulers, that is, Wall Street, Megacorporations and The Military-Industrial Complex with the Moral Indignation of Anti-Segregation marchers.  It’s as if their fight never ended, even as they stand dominant, manipulating and guiding the national narrative in much the same way the Old Rulers did.


Which brings me to my original point: The culture war rages on, but in a more, say, Terminator 2 underground resistance style.  Before the advent of the internet, the Memeplex in power could effectively completely dominate the political and social narrative of the time.  You were only allowed glimpses into the world if your handlers deemed it necessary.  Right-Wing activism in the sense of boots on the ground is a comical concept, and simply does not work (http://www.socialmatter.net/2016/04/05/right-wing-activism-always-fails/).  You will be smashed and labeled a Nazi, Fascist, Segregationist or worse, a member of a loving and stable family.  You cannot achieve any sort of moral high-ground, even as your communities weaken, your women are assaulted and your government creeps further and further into an Orwellian nightmare.

Thanks to the internet, however, the Mainstream Media has lost its monopoly on the flow of information.  Young Westerners the world over are finding their own “safe space” where they can express their doubts that there are 92 genders.  Where they can doubt that norms of masculinity and femininity have a biological basis. Where they can doubt that everything bad that ever happened to anyone, anywhere, at anytime is somehow the result of their inherent racism and white privilege. Where they can doubt that allowing millions of people with a largely hostile and incompatible worldview to our own into our land is truly the “moral high ground”.   Unfortunately, the Government is slowly strangling the freedom the internet allowed.  You can now be jailed, fined or fired for posting Thought-Crime on Twitter.  You can be doxxed.  You can have a cartoon frog be declared a form of hate-speech.   These Orwellian measures, as comical or unbelievable as they may seem, are clearly reactionary to the huge success this counter-culture has achieved without having to face water cannons and batons.  It is a sign of their weakness, and of our strength.

The Left has been flanked by a force of weaponized autists and regular Americans tired of the regurgitated soundbites given to them by the media handlers.  The lies, the manipulations and the narrative that clearly conflicts with reality.  Fortunately for us, the Left has a deep inability to understand irony, satire or comedy. No, really. (HUGH MUNGUS WUT). Most comedy is forbidden in a leftist worldview, anyway.  Trigger warning, i’m about to make a joke! The ability to be an offensive, edgy shitlord is a purely right-wing phenomenon solely because the Left’s greatest weapon is a +5 Armor of Feels.  This is how the “alt-right” has made such huge ground in the culture war; Reals, not Feels, is how these autists play.


In the grimdark, cyberpunk semi-reality we live in, who could have predicted a major political dynast of the most powerful country on Earth would declare war on a cartoon frog?


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